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Top 5 Skyscrapers In The UAE

Skyscrapers are one of the most tourist attractions in the world. All the skyscrapers have different designs and have unique personalities. Tourists get attracted and fascinated towards the skyscrapers because they are tall. No one could imagine that the world’s first skyscraper would have a height of 180 feet with 10 floors. These skyscrapers have also solved the problem of crowded urban areas. Here is the list of top 5 skyscraper in the UAE:-

Burj Khalifa

The ‘Burj Khalifa’ in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is the world’s tallest skyscraper. It covers an area of 7 acres of parkland, 9 hotels, 30 acre man-made lake, a shopping mall, 19 residential towers and 163 floors. This tower’s altitude is about 829.8 metres.The building ‘Burj Khalifa’ is a part of the government of the United Arab Emirates as a long standing initiative. It helps to transform the economy of UAE from oil-based to more tourism and service-oriented economy. ‘Adrian Smith’ is the designer of the ‘Burj Khalifa’ and he is currently working on the ‘Jeddah Tower’ in Saudi Arabia. ‘Jeddah Tower’ will be the first building in the world which will reach the full kilometer i.e. 3281 feet.

Burj Mohommed bin Rashid

This is one of the tallest buildings in the United Arab Emirates which is  located in the old central market of Abu Dhabi. The skyscrapers consist of two malls and two Marriott hotels. This fascinating building is also considered as the tallest building in Abu Dhabi. Its construction was started in the year 2007 and was completed in the year 2014. This building has a total of 92 floors.This building is also ranked in the fifth position in the tallest buildings of UAE. This tower’s altitude is about 381 metres.

Almas Tower

This fascinating tower is located in its own artificial or man-made island in the Jumeirah Lakes, Dubai. This building is considered as the tallest building of all buildings on the development. This tower consists of 68 storeys. The designing of this tower was done by ‘Atkins Middle East’ and the construction was done by the ‘Taisei Corporation’, Japan and the Arabian Construction Company. This tower is also a home to the commercial offices and it provides a range of services for the colourful gemstones and pearls, diamonds, diamond cutting and exchange. This tower’s altitude is about 360 metres.

Emirates Tower

This tower is also a fascinating one which is situated in the financial centre of Dubai. This fascinating tower consists of two individual towers. Tower 1 consists of the office tower of Emirates which has large meeting spaces as well large conference centres with first-class restaurants. Tower 2 consists of the wonderful and luxurious 5-star hotel tower, Jumeirah Emirate. This hotel has 400 rooms. Both the towers are connected at the bottom of the three-storey shopping centre called the Boulevard, which consists of restaurants, cafes and shops. This tower’s altitude is about 355 metres.

The Marina Torch

This fascinating tower is a residential skyscraper which is located in Dubai. Marina Torch consists of 6 retail units and 676 apartments. This skyscraper also has 79 floors with the three basement levels and a four-storey small platform. This skyscraper was designed by the National Engineering Bureau. But unfortunately, this skyscraper was damaged by a fire in the year 2015. And only 81 units were left. And one more tragedy took place in August 2017, again this skyscraper caught fire and it quickly spread to the upper floors of the building. This tower’s altitude is about 336.8 metres.


So here are the top 5 skyscrapers in the UAE. All the skyscrapers are tourist attractions. Nowadays people are fascinated towards those skyscrapers. All the above places are a must visit place with the family and friends. There are also many other skyscrapers, but these are the top 5 which are very popular in the UAE as well as in the world. Other than natural places like mountains and hill stations, these skyscrapers are man-made and tourists must visit these places to see their architecture, know about its history, know about how much time has been required to build this particular skyscraper, how many engineers have been required to build that particular skyscraper etc.

Tourists from different countries visit here to see its beauty. Sometimes it is like, all this was just a dream because how can someone design something in a very beautiful and elegant manner. But it is true, with full dedication, planning, preparation and the most important resource, with the help of teamwork.

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