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Hidden Places To Visit In GOA

The amazing party capital in India is fully covered with hidden places. The enchanting and magical beauty of Goa attracts many foreigners and travelers. Best place for all adventurers, thrill seekers, and nature lovers. Uncover sightseeing locale, o the opportunity to relish some exciting water sports on the seashore. These places and activities in Goa are waiting to enchant as you explore them. It is the time to discover new and hidden places nestled away from the atmosphere of Goa.

Here is the list of some hidden places in goa. With a breath of fresh air, these hidden places will amaze Goa and provide new meaning for you.

1. Cotigao wildlife sanctuary

The sanctuary is in south Goa at the Karnataka border. It is an enchanting area of more than 80 sq. km and is yet a hidden place in Goa. A number of soaring trees are in the woodland, as it is standing as the second largest woodland in the state. The Cotigao is a shelter for several species of flora and fauna which was built in 1968. Panthers, hyenas, sloth bears to squirrels, tigers, lions and more offer a varied culture in the sanctuary. The place is a perfect spot for nature lovers , adventures and thrill seekers. The best time to visit this hidden sanctuary is from October to march.

2. Kakolem beach

Kakolem beach is also known as tiger beach. The place serves as a hunting ground for wild tigers which are a common phenomenon here. It is 31 km away from the city of Margao. This beach is a paradise for those who are seeking some relaxing time. The beach is also perfect for those who like adventure, and offers exciting opportunities for exploring. It is quite tricky to reach this beach. The most perfect way to reach here is via sea. It is difficult to find accommodation here, the only way is to stay in a cabin. The stretched refreshing water, shimmering sands and palm trees give you a breathtaking scenery.

Kakolem beach is a must visit location. Carry your own water and snacks with you , find the perfect spot for you at the shore and enjoy your days in the scenic beach beauty.

3. The bubbling lake of Netravali

The lake also has names like Budbud lake, Budhbudyachi Tali, or bubble lake. It is an artificial lake, the size of a pond that dates back to 300 to 400 years. The water in this lake is so fresh and refreshing. The lake is called bubbling lake because of the mysterious bubbles that rise  to the surface of the water. Unlike any other attraction in the city, this lake is a must visit spot of captivating experience. The little ones in your family will really enjoy this spot because when the bubbles surface and flow through the top of the water surface until they burst. Experience this bubbling lake located in Netravali in the months of October to March.

4. Chorla Ghats

Chorla ghat is a tropical forest, on the north- eastern side of Goa. The choral offers numerous waterfalls. The visitors love to explore the area, do bird watching, butterfly watching, and enjoy the naturestic feel. The ghats also serve as a perfect destination for a road trip.  The place offers activities like treks , taking a dip in the river water. Monsoon is the best time, lovely travelers and wildlife enthusiasts prefer trips during this season. The wet green forests, roaring waterfalls, water laden streams are something that you will find best here.  You need to carry enough food and lots of water with you.

5. Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

This sanctuary is one of the smallest protected reserves, located on Chorao island along Mandovi river. It  is named after the Indian Ornithologist Dr. Salim Moizzudin Ali. The place is a complete paradise for bird watchers. This sanctuary offers an enchanting view , tourists will get a panoramic view of the area from the top of the tower built here. It is situated in a rich 420 acre of land, the place is blended with migrating aerial creatures like kingfishers, kites, white Egrets, woodpeckers and green forest. Species including Jackals, python, Mudskippers, and abundantly found here. This bird sanctuary is the most hidden place in Goa and gives an adventure delight.

Goa is the most amazing place and it is on the bucket list of almost every traveler. So if you wish to explore hidden places in Goa, just tie your laces and head to the above destinations in Goa.

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