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Top Profitable Revenue Generating Apps

Revenue Generating Apps! Thinking of launching a mobile app? Wondering about the kind of app to build to make the most money? Read the post to get to the bottom of the app marketplace!

No, we don’t mean to exaggerate but there are literally millions of apps available today! In fact, global app spending is projected to climb to $270 billion by 2025.

Every day, you can see hundreds of promising apps getting launched swearing of providing quick and easy solutions for just about anything.

Therefore, today, instead of having an app for everything, you have millions of apps for anything. But with so many applications available on both Google Play Store and App Store, how many of them are actually making money? 

Building a mobile application doesn’t come cheap and the bitter truth is that most apps fail. So before you go through the lengthy and expensive process of getting an app developed, it’s important to devise a plan on how to make the app profitable.Also check tombolasports.

Ask yourself whether it is lucrative to build an app for your business. If yes, then which type of app you’re planning to build?

Programming Advancement

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Different types of apps have more success than others.

Keep reading to understand which mobile app categories are the most popular with users today along with the top profitable revenue-generating apps of those categories.

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Most Profitable App Categories & Revenue Generating Apps

1)  Dating Apps

As per the reports from Statista, ‘The total revenue of the online dating segment is projected to touch the US $3,241 million in 2021’.

Moreover, according to the research by Pew Research center, ‘30% of U.S. adults have used dating apps at least once in their lifetime.

Tinder is one such example of a popular dating app that helps you find your perfect match by swiping, matching and meeting new people. It’s a highly popular app among adults.

Tinder offers basic features free of cost but you can go for premium subscription options to unlock additional features that have proven to increase the overall user experience.

2)  Gaming Apps

Gaming apps have witnessed consistent growth in the app marketplace. According to the gaming revenue predictions from Newzoo’s, ‘The total gaming revenue will be worth $174 billion by 2021, with mobile gaming accounting for 52% of the revenue.’

Not only this, but Game app purchases are also chart-topping that Apple has built a separate service called Apple Arcade. Through this, users can access a huge library of mobile games for a small fee per month.

Gaming apps, today, are generating revenue in several ways including Ad content, Upfront cost, Ad-free experiences and In-game content and gifts.

Clash of Clans, Pokemon Go, Game of War – Fire Age, Candy Crush Saga, and Fantasy Westward Journey are among the popular gaming apps that generate the most revenue.

3)  Music And Entertainment Apps

Both Google Play Store and Apple App Store houses plenty of media and entertainment-based apps. So, the developers are shifting their focus on this segment and attracting a large audience by integrating unique services like music streaming, audio editing, lyrics, etc.

With more than 75 million paid subscribers, Spotify is among the top 10 music apps that generate the highest global revenue. Also, read crackstream and review it.

Therefore, if you’re planning to develop an app in this category, prepare beforehand and know that the space is already highly competitive. So, for your idea to exist make sure that it has to be a completely unique and revolutionary concept.

4)  Social Media Apps

Let’s face it. We wouldn’t have been able to survive through the quarantine and isolation period if it wasn’t for Social Media apps. The prime reason behind the popularity of social media apps is that they connect users with one another anytime, foster relationships, share content, a good laugh and much more.

According to the reports by App Annie, ‘Facebook has been downloaded and used by most of the people in the global market. Moreover, WhatsApp has the maximum number of active users globally.’

Facebook and Instagram are highly used by business owners to target users of different categories and advertise to them. Also, Facebook enables additional features like game streaming, multiplayer games, etc. This way, Facebook has been able to generate 94% of its revenue from smartphones itself.

5)  Health And Fitness Apps

The fitness and health app industry is expected to reach $4.1 billion in 2021. (Source: Mobile App Daily)

Given the technological advancement and worldwide adoption of smartphones, health and fitness apps are doing a great job in influencing the user’s healthy habits.

Moreover, given the coronavirus-induced pandemic, the last week of March 2020 saw a rise of 67% in the downloads of Health & Fitness apps and May 2020 saw 48% more sessions than the annual average.

Health and fitness apps are greatly used by users of various categories including athletes, patients and fitness enthusiasts.

Apps like Fitbit and Adidas are ruling the fitness app market. The popularity of fitness and health apps has skyrocketed in 2020 to the extent that there is a lot of scope in both Android and iOS app development if you are planning to build a health and fitness app.

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