Link Building Through Brand Portfolio Management

The process of Link Building has created new opportunities and new streams of studies in different areas of Digital Marketing, Content Marketing and Digital Asset Management. One such important stream in the Link Building strategy is Brand Portfolio Management. Brand Portfolio Management is one of the important things in the areas of digital content and brand identity promotion in the ‘webosphere’. Good Link Building improves Brand Building and good Brand Building improves Link Building, and ultimately benefits your business.

So, you will have to identify the best Brand Identities and use them in the right way as part of your Digital Marketing activities in your Link Building efforts so that you will be able to outreach your Brand Identities and which collectively helps build up your brand reputation and contribute significantly to your Link Building efforts.

Prioritizing and effectively using your Brand Identities is termed Brand Portfolio Management and this means using the right Brand Identities as part of your digital or web content, Brand Mentions and clickable brand links such as headings, titles, image+alt text, video titles, product descriptions, profile descriptions, brand descriptions, company descriptions, hashtags, clickable links, social media profiles, social media content, streaming social media post content, search phrases, questions and answers content, downloadable link text and content, descriptive website content, blog content,  article content, etc.

These efforts in turn will reward you significantly in your Link Building efforts by getting the search engines to pick your content and driving more traffic for your web pages and leads to the achievement of your Link Building goals and objectives. Let us learn more below. Let us learn more below and buy the best seo packages in  UK.

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What are Brand Identities?

When it comes to the digital space, any clickable brand content in the form of your brand name, ad link text, brand titles, Brand Mentions, searchable brand phrases, product names, Anchor Texts, video titles containing the brand name, everything identifiable with your brand or related to your brand helps the search engines to recognize your brand or business are all Brand Identities. Know more about Link Building Packages, UK.

Distribution of Brand Portfolio

The distribution of Brand Identities across the web is a separate discipline in itself. The spread of your brand content through your brand identities on the internet gives you better brand outreach and brand positioning in the search engines to pick your brand links and keywords so that users can avail your information. The availability of your Brand Mentions and links across your content also helps the users who are reading your content to click through to various resource pages of your marketing content and to take actions that will contribute to the fulfillment of your Link Building and marketing goals which is the ultimate objective of your Link Building strategy.

You have to understand that Brand Portfolio Management is part of your content development strategy where you make the choice of content publishing platforms, content pieces to be published, links to be used, content types to be used and the various keywords to be used in the content. So, prioritizing and placing your Brand Mentions and links as part of your Content Marketing is Brand Portfolio Management where you have a perfect plan in place and you decide to use your Brand Identities in the right way across all your brand content and publishing platforms to enable you to achieve what you want to achieve. 

‘Pick & Choose’ Brand Promotion

You can up the ante to boost your brand identities distribution and push up the traffic for your web content whenever you deem it necessary. This does not necessarily mean promoting your Brand Identities through the same, monotonous pattern. Such dull and oft-repeated promos that lack creativity and variety will not produce the desired results. They often produce only slow and long-term results.

On the other hand, you can use your brand content for getting dramatic results for the brand content posts of your Brand Building exercise by publishing a huge amount of content with your brand mentions according to the right formats in a much more efficient manner so that Google picks up your content by spotting the cluster of your brand mentions related to the search phrases and queries used.

You can use a spectrum of multiple platforms or even one or two content publishing platforms such as social media to drive humongous traffic to your content using your Brand Mentions and Identities in the form of links and search terms. One of the fastest ways of achieving user traffic in a very short period of time is to create a buzz of sorts in your industry by outreaching a great piece of editorial content through news portals and PR platforms. You can create immediate attention in your industry and get unexpected results.

Moreover, you can use the right seasons, time, and platforms for getting short-term, mid-term, and long-term results, and also to promote specific topics and subjects to specific audiences as per the requirements for your Link Building and Digital Marketing strategies.

Boosting Online Branding & Traffic

Better brand management helps you to achieve the fundamental objectives of your Link Building process that is boosting your online branding and web traffic. This happens through the distribution and publishing of your brand links and brand mentions across your brand content in multitudes of content platforms that include social media, your website, blog pages, YouTube video descriptions, discussion forums, question, and answer pages, review websites, article pages, guest posts, industry journals, trade publications, business-to-business directories, whole lot research papers, downloads and a host of other web platforms.

All these together help you to get more traffic from multiple backlink sources. The larger-scale distribution of your Brand Identities and links across the web and in various forms serve to bring tremendous traffic for your web content through search engines and through readers and visitors on your various content. This boosts your SEO results by enabling your web content to appear on top pages in Google, which in turn gives your website higher domain authority which is a continuous improvement process and gives you even more traffic. As it rolls on continuously, you will get an increasing number of web traffic which adds up to your brand authority in the online space. 


Brand Portfolio Management which is the planning, management, and execution of your online branding activities by distributing your Brand Identities such as brand mentions, branded keywords, brand phrases, and brand asset links according to your brand strategy and content calendar helps you to achieve your immediate, short-term, medium-term and long term Link Building results and eventually helps you with more conversions and better business results.

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