A Handy Guide to Getting a Girl Hooked

We spend loads of time trying to get a man or woman in bed, only to realize it could have happened sooner. But let us not be shallow. Getting a woman hooked doesn’t have to revolve around hookups. Several men are hoping to get a girl hooked for the long run. These circumstances don’t appear anywhere. They require some finesse when tuning a lady to ensure she stays hooked and thinks of no one else.

Finding the Girl

When you join a dating site it takes a couple of minutes to get verified and in a few hours, chat with matches. These websites let you meet the love of your life among thousands of potential mates. Upon finding the girl, it is important to practice the steps below to ensure she remains hooked.

1. Conversations

Take conversations to a higher level with interesting topics. Avoid anything political or religious based. Take on topics she would be interested in and not something you feel she should have a desire for. If she is into movies, discuss movies whether they are dramas or romantic. Be sure to avoid grisly stuff unless you are sure that is her cup of tea. Thereafter, conversations can take on deeper meanings after the foundation is laid – which involves knowing her interests.

2. Family

Talk about and visit her family whenever possible. This builds your character in her eyes. If she feels like you might be interested to know her extended family it is a plus in her books. Also, visiting family carries weight after meeting Russian singles and being introduced as a potential future mate. They will have met you before and were hoping the announcement would come sooner.

3. Hobbies

Find her interests and engage in them along with her for better bonding. If she loves culinary extravaganzas, be sure to visit a few of those. Also, you can take on boating, hiking, walking, or other stuff to maintain her interest. However, it is important not to subscribe to something you cannot sustain. If the relationship grows and you begin to draw away from the said hobby, it might tickle her the wrong way. Try something you might be interested in for a long period. 

4. Compliments

While these are encouraged it is important to minimize or limit their amount. It does become somewhat of a bore, and even frustrating to receive compliments all the time. It can also end up seeming somewhat faked or an exaggeration. Notice her hair, perhaps a new dress or a new look entirely. But refrain from always pointing out every detail you notice because you sound desperate for attention too.

5. Flowers and Gifts

Learn what makes your girl tick in terms of gifts if any. It means some girls love flowers anytime and all the time. Others are more prone to avoid them entirely because they deem them to be petty. Some ladies would rather have small figurines and souvenirs reminding them of when they met. These small ideas help keep you in her mind perpetually. It also shows you’ve been thinking about her every time you give her something small. Nothing will make her feel more appreciated than having her in your thoughts occasionally.

Bottom Line

Upon registering on a safe dating portal and finding the right girl it is crucial to pay attention to details. These need fine-tuning to ensure you don’t destroy first impressions made already. It requires holding back your tongue at some point and refraining from your fanatic ways. It also means spending a little to show her she’s appreciated. The money you save using modern dating will be more than enough to give her something special. 

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